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Self-Guided Tours | Guided Tours | Post-Tour Activities

Touring the Museum

Self-Guided Tours

Individuals or groups are welcomed to tour the museums on their own free of charge.

Groups of five or more wanting to tour the museum unguided are asked to contact the museum prior to their visit in order to provide the greatest access to the museum and its exhibitions.

Guided Tours

While guided tours can be tailored to individual group needs, the recommended tour duration is from one to two hours.

    1. Permanent Exhibition Tour 1.5 hours
    2. Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions Tour 2 hours
    3. The tour fee is $25.00 for every 30 visitors.
    4. Tour must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. Please complete the Guided Tour Request form.

For more information, please contact LeRonn Herbert at 410-216-6181 or at

Post-Tour Educational Activities

Follow up your museum tour with a hands-on activity or sign up for us to bring the museum experience to you!

  1. Activities range from 45 minutes- 90 minutes. They can be tailored to individual group needs.
  2. Activity fee is $35.00 for every 30 students.
  3. Activity must be scheduled a minimum of three weeks in advance.


  1. Create Your Own Story Quilt Recommended for grades K-4)
  2. Follow the North Star (Recommended for grades 4-8)
  3. Riding on the Underground Railroad (Recommended for grades 4-8)
  4. Sensing History (Recommended for grades 2-6)
  5. Symbols and Messages (Recommended for grades K-6)
  6. Telling My Story (Recommended for grades 9-12)

Learn more about these activities here!

For more information about the educational workshops, please contact us at 410-216-6180 or at